MagMutual Announces 2021 Dividend

January 12, 2021 by matray

MagMutual Insurance Co. announced it will be returning a 7% dividend to its policy owners again this year. This marks 22 years of dividends and more than $315 million in financial rewards returned to policy owners since the company’s inception.

“As a true mutual, it is particularly at times like these we have to do as much as we can to support our policy owners,” said Joe Wilson, MD, executive chairman of MagMutual. “This always has been and always will be their company.”

“In an unprecedented year and amidst a pandemic, we maintained our financial strength, enabling us to return another dividend when our policy owners need it most,” said Neil Morrell, CEO of MagMutual. “Additionally, I’m pleased we were able to provide much-needed support to the physicians and hospitals we serve by delivering meaningful financial relief with premium deferral, discounts and more.”

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