The Doctors Company Granted ANCC Accreditation

February 21, 2023 by matray

The Doctors Company was granted accreditation for nursing continuing professional development (NCPD) from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). According to the company, its accreditation demonstrates a commitment to using evidence-based criteria when developing high-quality educational activities that promote the professional growth of nurses and advanced practice clinicians (APCs). TDC Group recently launched top-tier malpractice coverage tailored for APCs in a variety of practice settings.

With this accreditation, The Doctors Company joins a global community of accredited organizations. The accreditation was for the company’s continuing education courses for physicians, dentists, APCs, nurses, practice managers and other clinical staff across a broad range of subjects. Nurses and APCs are now awarded NCPD credits for participating in accredited education provided by The Doctors Company and can apply these credits toward their board certification licensure requirements.

Over the next decade, as predicted in TDC Group’s white paper What U.S. Healthcare Will Look Like in 2032, physician shortages, combined with recognition of the competencies of APCs, will drive more widespread independence in practice for APCs. In a time of rapid changes, nurses and APCs are vital to improving patients’ quality of care and access to care. Insights from TDC Group’s newly formed APC Advisory Board will assist in helping members and clients navigate this change in healthcare delivery with confidence.

“ANCC accreditation marks the achievement of an important milestone for The Doctors Company; our continuing education courses incorporate malpractice claims data, analysis of actual malpractice claims, and risk reduction strategies,” said Kim Hathaway, MSN, RN, CPHRM, CPHQ, director of Patient Safety Healthcare Quality & Risk Management at The Doctors Company. “Nurses and APCs play a prominent role in our evolving healthcare environment, and this accreditation recognizes our commitment to delivering the best imaginable service to those who provide care.”

NCPD accreditation from ANCC elevates educational offerings that benefit nurses, patients, and the communities we serve by:

  • Promoting the highest professional standards to sustain effective strategies that improve professional nursing practice.

  • Improving curricula for nurses to provide evidence-based education that strengthens professional development programs.

  • Increasing credibility by adhering to evidence-based, global standards that deliver quality professional education.

  • Expanding visibility via inclusion among other accredited organizations that are listed in a nationwide, searchable directory.

  • Increasing demand to offer continuing professional development contact hours, which are essential to building professional portfolios and maintaining certification and accreditation from ANCC and other licensing boards and regulatory bodies.

The ANCC Accreditation Model is based on the original Donabedian framework of structure, process, and outcome measures to evaluate quality. The ANCC standards provide organizations with a structured, evidence-based framework to design and implement NCPD activities. The development of quality outcomes ensures that accredited organizations continuously evaluate processes and their impact on the professional development of nurses.

For more information on the ANCC NCPD Accreditation Program, visit

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