Positive Physicians Insurance Co., Coalition Announce Partnership to Offer Cyber Insurance Coverage

December 9, 2022 by matray

Positive Physicians Insurance Co. announced today that it has partnered with Coalition, an “Active Insurance” provider designed to prevent digital risk before it strikes, to provide Positive Physician’s insured physicians and healthcare providers with competitively priced and broader coverage options.

“Coalition is a globally recognized provider of cyber insurance that delivers a progressive platform that uses Active Risk Assessment, Active Protection and Active Response to alter how healthcare professionals manage cyber threats,” said Michael Roque, Positive Physicians chief executive officer. “Coalition's advanced technology allows businesses to reduce digital risk by monitoring and responding to digital risks 24/7, making cyber insurance in the MPL industry no longer a reactive coverage. This is yet another partnership cementing our vow to identify and incorporate Insurtech solutions that will reshape how the MPL Industry transacts business.

“Cyber Insurance is often an afterthought in the MPL space, with coverage only triggering when an adverse event occurs,” Roque continued. “But as digital risk increases and evolves, so must the coverage available for healthcare providers. Coalition actively provides ongoing protection and services. This partnership gives our insureds access to affordable enhanced coverage options that will significantly help mitigate the digital risks they face daily.”

Founded in 2017, Coalition provides an integrated approach for companies to manage cyber risk. Coalition’s Active Insurance offering provides small and midsize companies with cyber security tools, active monitoring, and anytime access to digital forensics and incident response services, combined with insurance coverage provided by well-known insurance carriers.    

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