Medical Liability Monitor February 2024 issue highlights

February 8, 2024 by matray

Below are some headlines and article synopses from the February 2024 issue of Medical Liability Monitor. To read the articles in entirety, please subscribe today.

Florida Looks to Impose Noneconomic Damage Caps, End ‘Free Kill’ Law
A bill that would end a Florida law denying recoverable damages for certain wrongful death medical liability claims and impose noneconomic damage caps on medical malpractice awards cleared a key hurdle last month when it was approved by the state’s Senate Judiciary Committee …

New York Gov. Hochul Vetoes Bill Expanding Recoverable Wrongful Death Damages
New York Gov. Kathy Hochul vetoed for a second time the Grieving Families Act, a bill that would have expanded recoverable damages in wrongful death claims to include noneconomic damages. Under the current 177-year-old law, compensable damages in wrongful death actions are limited to economic loss only. New York and Alabama are the only two states that currently restrict family members from seeking recovery for their emotional suffering by limiting recoverable damages to the deceased’s earning potential …

Ohio Statute of Repose ‘Means What It Says,’ Applies to Wrongful Death
The Supreme Court of Ohio finally put to rest the issue of whether the state’s statute of repose for medical claims applies to wrongful death claims on Dec. 28, 2023, answering the long-discussed question in the affirmative …

Iowa Advances Bill to Pierce State’s Medical Malpractice Statute of Repose
Iowa lawmakers advanced a bill last month that would remove time requirements for filing a medical liability lawsuit against healthcare providers who conceal a cause of injury. Iowa law currently imposes a strict six-year statute of repose on medical liability claims, except those involving medical equipment left in a patient’s body post-surgery. If the bill becomes law, there will be no constraint for patients whose cause of injury or death was concealed by a healthcare provider …

Developing Safe Harbors to Address Malpractice Liability, Wasteful HealthCare Spending
With U.S. healthcare spending expected to exceed $7.2 trillion annually by 2031, the push to reduce healthcare resource utilization will only intensify in the coming years. Evidence suggests inpatient spending declines by about 5% — with no significant change in patient outcomes — when the threat of malpractice liability is removed. Current guidelines aimed at reducing waste do not account for the potential impact of medical liability and therefore may miss an opportunity to reduce spending without harming patients …

MPL Association Publishes Report on Industry’s 2023 Midyear Results
The Medical Professional Liability (MPL) Association recently published its Medical Professional Liability Insurance Sector Report: 2023 Midyear Financial Performance. This semiannual report provides insights into the MPL insurance market’s financial performance with commentary on the internal and external forces impacting insurer performance. Based on their review of the industry’s loss data, the report’s authors anticipate that frequency will likely remain flat at around 8,000 annual paid claims going forward, while average severity will continue its relentless climb …
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Subscribe today to get this issue (as well as the 2023 Annual Rate Survey at no additional cost).

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