Kaiser Arbitrator Awards Injured Child $25.6 million

April 19, 2022 by matray

Attorneys for nine-year-old Jayden Vargas recently obtained an arbitration award of $25,638,058.93 for their client from Los Angeles arbitrator Robert Hanger for the negligence of 10 healthcare providers at Kaiser Fontana Hospital.

Vargas was born with a congenital bowel condition called atresia which was surgically repaired shortly after his birth. According to the Vargas’ attorneys, if he had been properly treated, he would have led a normal life. Instead, he was force-fed formula which led to a rupture of his bowels, sepsis and emergency surgery. Vargas’ blood pressure dropped to critical levels over prolonged periods of time, leading to a lack of oxygenated blood to his brain, which resulted in a profound brain injury that requires around-the-clock care.

According to Vargas’ attorneys, the more than $25.6 million arbitration award is one of the highest medical negligence awards for a single patient against the Kaiser healthcare entities.

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