EmPRO Honored With Multiple Awards Including the Coveted Brandon Hall Award

November 30, 2022 by matray

EmPRO Insurance Co. announced today that its education program for physicians has won international recognition with three new awards. These are the first awards for EmPRO, adding to the 17 awards previously achieved by its parent, Physicians’ Reciprocal Insurers.

The winning 5 CME credit program, “A Day in the Life of the CME at Blue Sail Insurance Company,” launched in 2021 and has been completed by thousands of physicians. During the program, the learner selects both an avatar and a mentor and travels via a virtual elevator from department to department in a virtual company. The course concentrates on demystifying insurance companies, enhancing understanding of underwriting principles, connection to patient safety risk, examining risk in physicians with one or more claims, understanding cognitive bias/interviewing/autopsy in the provision of safer patient care and strengthening physician well-being.

“Our physician education programs are unique,” said Gerri Donohue, EmPRO vice president of education. “The caliber of our courses reflects decades of development with leading academics. We offer programs that provide physicians with world-class education that serve to strengthen clinical reasoning skills, improve communication within the patient/physician relationship and ultimately enhance patient safety.”

The three international awards for which EmPRO has been recognized are:

2022 Brandon Hall Silver Award: Best Customer Training
The Brandon Hall Group is the global preeminent research and analyst organization focused on developing research-driven solutions to drive organizational performance for emerging and large organizations.

2022 Apex Award in Education and Training.
Apex is an international award put forward by Communications Concepts, Inc., an advisory firm focused on business communications best strategies and practices.

2021 LearnX Gold Award – Learning & Development and Customer Experience
Each year Learnx awards projects and solutions that deliver best practices and business value across the world, recognizing commitment, enthusiasm and passion for learning technologies that move the world forward.

“We have built EmPRO into a world-class physician resource,” said Bruce Shulan, CEO and president of EmPRO. “I am gratified to see the dedication of our medical education team continue to be recognized by the industry.”

Over the past three years, EmPRO has developed several programs for its Physician Peer Support curriculum including Women in Medicine, Mindful Practice in Medicine, Simple Practices for Complex Times and Narrative Medicine.

  • Women in Medicineprovides a confidential community space for physicians to discuss the unique challenges and common experiences they face every day.

  • EmPRO’s Mindfulness Practice and Writing Programare intertwined self-reflective courses that ask medical professionals to step outside themselves and examine their thoughts, motives, and reactions to their highly stressful, emotionally-charged profession.

“Throughout EmPRO, from the executive leadership down, there is an intense appreciation and respect for the work that physicians do, and I think this provides an invaluable contribution to the success of our programs,” said Tristan Mueck, DO, Assistant Vice President at EmPRO.

For more information on EmPRO’s Education Services, please visit: https://www.myempro.com/education-services    

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