Cooperative of American Physicians Publishes Second Edition of ‘Medicine on Trial’

November 7, 2017 by matray

The Cooperative of American Physicians, Inc. (CAP) announced that seven years after the release of its highly popular Medicine on Trial, it has published a new second edition as an educational resource for its member physicians.

Inspired by the positive response to its original edition, Medicine on Trial – Risk Management Lessons from Litigated Cases, Second Edition is a compilation of more than 80 real-life, litigated cases, providing insights into the experience of physicians who have been involved in court or arbitration disputes with their patients. Each case, accompanied by a commentary from CAP’s general counsel Gordon Ownby, sheds light on the various policies and routine procedures that physicians can implement to minimize risk in their own practice.

This comprehensive medical malpractice case reference, available in a desktop book as well as electronic versions, is offered to CAP members as a complimentary resource, explaining how physicians in private practice and hospital settings can better communicate with their patients — and each other — to mitigate risk. It also addresses topics such as dealing with challenging patients, adhering to patient rights and confidentiality requirements, end-of-life conversations and more.

“No healthcare provider wants to be embroiled in a legal dispute, but the reality is that – regardless of their commitment to employing best practices – most physicians will be sued for medical malpractice at least once during their lifetime,” Ownby said. “By offering these real-world case studies, CAP is providing its members with the insight to build on those practices that improve medical outcomes and minimize risk.”

"Today’s physicians must practice expert medicine with a keen understanding of technology and law – and that can present myriad challenges," said Sarah Pacini, CAP chief executive officer. "That’s why CAP has built a formidable team of risk management specialists whose extensive acumen spans all facets of the healthcare and legal professions. Their expert consultations and guidance, paired with invaluable content offerings such as Medicine on Trial, continue to provide immeasurable value to CAP members.”  

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