Cooperative of American Physicians to Share Insights on Practice Risk Management at 2018 Association of Dermatology Administrators & Managers (ADAM) Conference

February 6, 2018 by matray

With the myriad issues that face the ever-evolving medical care sector, medical practices are likewise facing multiple legislative and regulatory headwinds in approaches to office risk management. To help bring these issues into clearer focus for practice managers, the Cooperative of American Physicians, Inc. (CAP) will be represented on a panel at the 2018 Association of Dermatology Administrators & Managers (ADAM) Conference, to be held in San Diego February 12–14, 2018.

Carole Lambert, MPA, RN, CAP’s vice president for practice optimization, will be speaking at ADAM’s annual conference on February 12. Joining her will be Randie Minovitz BSN RN, director of ambulatory risk management at PIH Health Whittier, a nonprofit regional health network serving Southern California. Their presentation, entitled “Risk Management Forever—Because Everything Old is New Again,” will outline key takeaways for medical risk management professionals as they navigate and continue to develop their strategies for effective practice administration:

  • Describe four elements in successfully managing risk in dermatology.
  • Identify three forces impacting healthcare risk management.
  • List three activities that are central to mitigating risk.
  • Outline a simple strategy for evaluating, mitigating and managing risk.

“Given the daily barrage of regulatory acronyms and issues that compete for risk managers’ time, it is more crucial than ever for healthcare professionals and practices to have a clear set of guidelines activities in place,” Lambert said. “At the same time, as the name of our panel suggests, these are techniques that are tried, tested, and have shown promising results for our member practices.”

"Ambulatory care in particular is an area for medical practices to grow and examine their risk management procedures," added Randie Minovitz, a registered nurse with more than 35 years of experience in hospital and ambulatory settings. "As healthcare systems increasingly turn to ambulatory care as a way to minimize unnecessary hospitalizations, having a risk management outline in place at such practices will be paramount.”

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