MagMutual Declares New Dividend, Owners Circle Options for 2018

MagMutual Insurance Co. announced a 10-percent premium return to policy owners as well as flexible options for its dividend and Owners Circle reward programs.

According to the insurer of medical liability, MagMutual policyholders have received over $215 million in dividends since inception.

“MagMutual continues to pay more than ever to our policyholders, even while our competitors continually give back less,” said Neil Morrell, president and chief executive of MagMutual. “Returning dividends is what a mutual should do, whenever possible. Thanks to our strong performance, we have paid out more dividends over the last seven years than in the entire history of our company.”

The MagMutual Board of Directors, in recognition that policyholders may prefer to receive an alternative dividend in lieu of the Owners Circle credit, is also offering an additional 3-percent dividend return. Policyholders who prefer this option will receive a 13-percent dividend.

The MagMutual Board of Directors also declared a 10-percent Owners Circle allocation to recognize policyholders’ ownership in a financially strong company. Those who do not want the alternative 3-percent dividend will receive their 10-percent Owners Circle credit.

“We at MagMutual constantly try to serve our policyholders,” said Joe Wilson, MD, executive chairman of MagMutual. “We do this by delivering the exceptional products, services and pricing and paying among the highest dividends in the industry. We have been pleased with the amount we’ve been able to give back in recent years, and hope our policyholders are pleased as well.”

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Hiscox Offering New Outpatient Mental Healthcare Professional Liability Coverage

Hiscox, the international specialist insurer, announced new coverages in their insurance policy for US businesses in the mental health industry. Hiscox PRO Outpatient Mental Healthcare Professional Liability offers a wide variety of specialized benefits for mental health professionals tailored to cover emerging risks in the allied healthcare field.

Underscoring the need and demand for this specialized insurance solution, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts job growth for mental health counselors will increase by as much as 23 percent by 2026. Comparatively, the average projected job growth rate for all occupations during the same time period is 7 percent.

“Mental health treatment options, such as remote therapy and telehealth, are rapidly expanding in the US,” said Alicia Marsiglia, vice president and Allied Healthcare Product Head for Hiscox in the US. “As a result, we considered the unique exposures of the latest treatments and offerings in this space and designed a policy that provides greater coverage for companies on the cutting edge of this evolving industry.”

Coverage will apply to claims involving a variety of areas and treatment options, including:

  • Outpatient mental healthcare
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Substance abuse counseling
  • Medication management
  • Partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient programs
  • Remote therapy (teletherapy)

Medical directors, non-physician employees, independent contractors, students, volunteers (including mid-level providers) and employed or contracted physicians by endorsement are also included as insureds and receive key benefits, such as:

  • Waiver of retention available for outpatient mental healthcare practices following exemplary risk management standards
  • Billing and regulatory errors sublimit
  • Sexual abuse and misconduct sublimit
  • HIPAA liability sublimit
  • Reported incident trigger of coverage
  • Affirmative coverage for remote therapy services
  • Duty to defend

The Hiscox PRO Outpatient Mental Healthcare Professional Liability offering can be combined with other insurance products — including General Liability, Technology E&O as well as Crime and Privacy — to create bespoke packages of coverage to fit an individual business’s needs.

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NORCAL Mutual Begins Offering Medical Professional Liability Insurance Options to New Mexico Physicians

NORCAL Mutual Insurance Co. is now offering medical professional liability insurance coverage to the healthcare providers of New Mexico. This marks the 40th state in which NORCAL operates, including the District of Columbia.

“We are excited to extend our coverage to the medical community in New Mexico,” said Ron Rumin, NORCAL’s chief operating officer. “Our policy has been crafted to meet the needs of today’s ever-changing medical landscape, particularly as technology and data become a more integral part of the practice of medicine. NORCAL offers robust information and network security coverage included with each policy.”

NORCAL also offers two policy type options in New Mexico — claims made and occurrence— to better serve the differing needs of each medical practice.

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KaMMCO Admitted to Connecticut Insurance Market

KaMMCO announced today that it has been admitted to sell medical professional liability insurance and cyber security insurance in the Connecticut.

As a member-directed insurance and healthcare technology company, KaMMCO is rated “A-” (Excellent) by A.M. Best.

“The KaMMCO underwriting discipline and financial strength, combined with our pledge to provide members with superior claims protection offers healthcare professionals a truly unique medical professional liability insurance option,” said Kurt Scott, president and chief executive officer of KaMMCO.

KaMMCO is entering the Connecticut market with support from the Connecticut State Medical Society (CSMS).

“We are proud to work with the Connecticut State Medical Society to grow our insurance business,” said Scott, “and we are honored they recognize us as their medical professional liability insurance Preferred Affinity Partner.”

“We are excited to add KaMMCO as a proven insurance option for liability insurance and especially cyber security insurance for our members,” said Matthew Katz, executive vice president and chief executive officer of CSMS. “KaMMCO is a partner we know we can count on.”

Katz added that the cyber security insurance is extremely important to CSMS members following recent identity theft incidents.

KaMMCO began the licensing process in early 2017, receiving notification from the Connecticut Insurance Department on February 23.

“In working closely with the Connecticut State Medical Society on the development and launch of CTHealthLink, the physician-led health information exchange, it became clear that there was an opportunity to further serve the physicians and healthcare providers of Connecticut with valuable insurance products,” Scott added.

KaMMCO will be working with the organization’s brokerage firm, CSMS Insurance Agency, and anticipates quoting coverage later this spring.

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NORCAL Mutual Begins Offering Medical Professional Liability Insurance Options to New Mexico Physicians

NORCAL Mutual Insurance Co. now offers medical professional liability insurance coverage to the healthcare providers of New Mexico. This is the 40th state in which NORCAL operates, including the District of Columbia.

“We are excited to extend our coverage to the medical community in New Mexico,” said Ron Rumin NORCAL’s chief operating officer. “Our policy has been crafted to meet the needs of today’s ever-changing medical landscape, particularly as technology and data become a more integral part of the practice of medicine. NORCAL offers robust information and network security coverage included with each policy.”

NORCAL also offers two policy type options in New Mexico — claims made and occurrence— to better serve the differing needs of each medical practice.

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Michelle M. Ursini Appointed Director of Marketing and Business Development at CMIC Group

CMIC, a medical professional liability insurance company, is pleased to announce that Michelle M. Ursini of Wethersfield, Conn., previously a senior underwriter with the company, has been promoted to director of marketing and business development.

Ursini has more than a decade of experience in the professional liability insurance industry. Before joining CMIC Group in 2016, she worked directly for a brokerage firm, overseeing key accounts and working closely with the firm’s clients. Prior to that, she spent several years as the underwriting manager for Oceanus Insurance Co. In addition to her underwriting duties, Ursini also served as a liaison to the insurance carrier’s broker partners, as well as the company’s physician insureds.

“Shelly’s in-depth knowledge of underwriting practices and expertise in territory expansion will not only enable us to continue to grow our membership, but to accomplish many of the Company’s strategic goals as well,” said Stephen J. Gallant, chief executive officer of CMIC Group. “Likewise, her extensive experience collaborating with brokers will prove to be an asset as we expand our geographic presence as well as strengthen our bonds with our current broker partners.”

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Cooperative of American Physicians to Share Insights on Practice Risk Management at 2018 Association of Dermatology Administrators & Managers (ADAM) Conference

With the myriad issues that face the ever-evolving medical care sector, medical practices are likewise facing multiple legislative and regulatory headwinds in approaches to office risk management. To help bring these issues into clearer focus for practice managers, the Cooperative of American Physicians, Inc. (CAP) will be represented on a panel at the 2018 Association of Dermatology Administrators & Managers (ADAM) Conference, to be held in San Diego February 12–14, 2018.

Carole Lambert, MPA, RN, CAP’s vice president for practice optimization, will be speaking at ADAM’s annual conference on February 12. Joining her will be Randie Minovitz BSN RN, director of ambulatory risk management at PIH Health Whittier, a nonprofit regional health network serving Southern California. Their presentation, entitled “Risk Management Forever—Because Everything Old is New Again,” will outline key takeaways for medical risk management professionals as they navigate and continue to develop their strategies for effective practice administration:

  • Describe four elements in successfully managing risk in dermatology.
  • Identify three forces impacting healthcare risk management.
  • List three activities that are central to mitigating risk.
  • Outline a simple strategy for evaluating, mitigating and managing risk.

“Given the daily barrage of regulatory acronyms and issues that compete for risk managers’ time, it is more crucial than ever for healthcare professionals and practices to have a clear set of guidelines activities in place,” Lambert said. “At the same time, as the name of our panel suggests, these are techniques that are tried, tested, and have shown promising results for our member practices.”

“Ambulatory care in particular is an area for medical practices to grow and examine their risk management procedures,” added Randie Minovitz, a registered nurse with more than 35 years of experience in hospital and ambulatory settings. “As healthcare systems increasingly turn to ambulatory care as a way to minimize unnecessary hospitalizations, having a risk management outline in place at such practices will be paramount.”

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Coverys Syndicate 1975 Appoints Stephanie Crowther as Underwriter

Coverys Syndicate 1975 has appointed Stephanie Crowther as underwriter for its specialist medical professional liability account beginning February 2018.

Syndicate 1975 commenced underwriting on Jan. 1, 2018, and is a source of London-based insurance and reinsurance capacity. Syndicate 1975 provides traditional and innovative coverage for physicians, hospitals and other providers of healthcare. This is coupled with risk management and mitigation solutions to improve margins and increase patient safety.

Crowther obtained a law degree from Exeter University and previously served as underwriter for healthcare and cyber business with Hiscox Syndicates Limited.

“We are delighted that Stephanie is joining us to work alongside Keith Bryceland to help build out the Coverys offering at Lloyd’s and to work closely with the group’s activity in the United States in the medical professional liability sector,” said Robin McCoy, CEO, Coverys Managing Agency.

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Constellation Announces Strategic Collaboration with CliftonLarsonAllen

Constellation, Inc., a partnership of mutual liability insurers and healthcare service organizations, announced a strategic collaboration with CliftonLarsonAllen (CLA), a healthcare professional services firm whose clients include more than 8,300 healthcare and senior living clients across the country.

“Our agreement with CLA marks a significant milestone as we expand our offerings beyond managing the risk of medical professional liability,” said Bill McDonough, CEO of Constellation. “CLA is a reliable advisor who understands the business of health care. As CLA puts it, its advisors ‘transform complexity into opportunity’ by considering its clients’ financial, strategic and operational needs. CLA’s deep industry specialization and ability to integrate with customers’ existing programs and products, combined with its desire to truly understand and help its customers make it an excellent fit for Constellation. We are proud to help connect CLA with our physician, hospital, and long-term care clients.”

“The passion and advisory approach that Constellation provides to its client base facilitated a collaborative alignment which we foresee as very beneficial to the clients we will serve together in the future,” said Jeff Vrieze, chief industry officer of CLA’s healthcare practice. “Forging this relationship with a trusted medical professional liability firm with an excellent reputation will allow us to demonstrate our capabilities to a larger healthcare network.”

Under the agreement, Constellation member companies MMIC, UMIA and Arkansas Mutual Insurance Company will market CLA’s portfolio of healthcare services in the 16 states where it currently conducts business. Those states include Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

The collaboration marks Constellation’s second expansion of services beyond medical professional liability insurance. Last year, it introduced the Physician Empowerment Suite, an online platform designed to help healthcare providers deliver a better patient experience and improve operational performance and effectiveness.

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NORCAL Group Foundation Awards First Grants

The NORCAL Group Foundation, dedicated to improving healthcare in local communities, announces its inaugural group of grant recipients.

Seven organizations have been awarded funding for initiatives and programs that support any of three critical healthcare areas: patient care, patient safety and physician wellness. The seven recipients are:

•    Anchorage Project Access (Anchorage, Alaska), a physician-led volunteer network that serves low-income and uninsured Alaskans, received a grant to support Anchorage Project Access, which provides low-income, uninsured adults primary care and dental services.

•    Asian Pacific Health Care Venture, Inc. (Los Angeles, Calif.) was awarded a grant to support their Caregiver Support Group and workshops for managing diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The programs are presented through their wellness center that provides comprehensive healthcare services to more than 14,000 patients who speak limited English and are at or below 200% of Federal poverty level.

•    California Public Protection and Public Health (Fresno, Calif.), which provides physicians risk monitoring to ensure patient safety and training on physician wellness topics for respective practices and facilities, received a grant to support a series of statewide- training sessions on physician wellness and combatting physician burnout.

•    Community Service, Education and Research fund of the SEDMS (Sacramento, Calif.) was awarded a grant to support training opportunities for the SMART Medical Clearance program. This program, created by the Sierra Sacramento Valley Medical Society, is designed to standardize clearance protocol for psychiatric patients in emergency departments.

•    Project Angel Food (Los Angeles, Calif.), the only non-profit in Southern California providing free meals and nutrition consultations for people living with critical illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, HIV/AIDS and renal failure, received a grant to expand its services. Funding will help grow the program which currently serves more than 2,100 clients and delivers over 550,000 meals annually.

•    The San Diego County Medical Society Foundation (San Diego, Calif.) received a grant to support Project Access, which provides low-income, uninsured adults primary and specialty care services for disabilities and potentially life-threatening conditions. Community health activities provided through this program include free immunizations, blood pressure screening, breast screening and mammography, and health education.

•    San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium (San Francisco, Calif.) received a grant for its Street Outreach Services (SOS) program, a mobile medical clinic that brings urgent and preventative medical care to homeless at various locations. They connect patients to primary and specialized care, mental health and substance abuse services, benefits and housing programs, and more. Program is staffed by physicians, nurses, outreach workers and volunteers.

“We are extremely proud to support such worthy organizations and programs that enhance patient and physician wellness in our communities,” said Joy Corso, president of the NORCAL Group Foundation. “NORCAL Mutual has a 40-plus-year legacy of giving and advocacy in the communities we serve, and the Foundation further strengthens our commitment and support of the healthcare community.”

The NORCAL Group Foundation will open its next application cycle in March 2018. For information on the Foundation’s grant application process and eligibility, visit

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